Intrepid On The Road: Visit Upcoming Events and Experience Our Tools in Person!
(March 6, 2015)

Intrepid Control Systems exhibits widely at conferences and trade shows around the world. Stop by any of our displays to find out about our new tools and latest software improvements!

Upcoming Events:
Testing Expo Korea
Seoul, Korea - March 17-19
SAE World Congress
Detroit, MI USA - April 21-23
MOST Forum
Stuttgart, Germany - April 21
JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition
Yokohama, Japan - May 20-22

Automotive Ethernet - The Definitive Guide - Kindle Edition Available
(January 23, 2015)

The Kindle Edition of our book, Automotive Ethernet - The Definitive Guide, is now available. Find it here...

Team Behind Now-Fastest Electric Car in the World to use Intrepid’s neoVI Fire Data Logger
(December 1, 2014)

This week Intrepid Control Systems became an official backer of Academic Motorsports Club Zurich, a team of student engineers in Sweden whose 2014 formula racecar recently became the fastest electric car in the world, accelerating from
0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in just 1.785 seconds.

The race team has elected to use Intrepid’s neoVI Fire tool in the upcoming 2015 season to log vehicle test data. They selected the neoVI Fire for its small size and light weight, and its ability to produce test data that can be immediately used in the team’s Matlab math modeling software.


Automotive Ethernet Tools

Automotive Ethernet/BroadR-Reach® Support

The network speed and capacity made possible through Automotive Ethernet is enabling the automotive industry to develop increasingly advanced vehicle features such as adaptive cruise control, active lane departure, automatic parking systems and even fully autonomous vehicles. In response, Intrepid has produced a full line of Automotive Ethernet tools. With RAD-Star, neoECU 15, and Ethernet EVB hardware, you can easily experiment, simulate, and interface with Ethernet networks. Intrepid's popular Vehicle Spy software also has full Ethernet support. Intrepid has also published "Automotive Ethernet - The Definitive Guide", which is the go-to reference book for Automotive Ethernet, featuring a foreword by Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet. See a preview now >

Learn more about all of Intrepid's Automotive Ethernet/BroadR-Reach® tools...

CAN & LIN Tools

CAN/LIN Applications

Today’s vehicles are increasingly complex and are constantly pushing the limits on the number of CAN and LIN networks. Intrepid's vehicle interface adaptors and loggers tackle this challenge head-on by provide multiple CAN and LIN channels in each device. Simply choose the device that best suits your needs -from those with few to those with many channels. Options include Value CAN (2xCAN), neoVI FIRE (6xCAN, 4xLIN), neoVI ION (6-12xCAN, 5-10xLIN), and neoVI PLASMA (6-18x CAN, 5-15xLIN).

Learn how to get started with your hardware with our "Getting Started with CAN" training video.

Fleet Managment

Wireless/Fleet Data Logging

Reliably capture data - including audio and video data along with vehicle network data -with Intrepid's family of data loggers. Capture and download data logging files remotely. Activate, deactivate, and re-program loggers remotely. Take advantage of integrated fleet management features to locate your test vehicles. Wirelessly communicate with your logger to request or review captured data...or store it on the logger's onboard memory. Use network data synchronized with audio and video data for a more complete understanding of the physical environment/variables that may be effecting your vehicle or test. The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about neoVI ION / neoVI PLASMA's audio/video syncing capabilities here.


Embedded Data Logger

Collect information about the customer usage of your vehicle or debug an intermittent issue during testing with embedded data loggers. Our neoVI FIRE and neoVI RED loggers can record huge amounts of data on their removable microSD cards. Our neoVI ION and neoVI PLASMA devices can record on their removable SD cards as well or wirelessly transmit the data they record to a specified location. The Vehicle Spy 3 scripting environment allows you to select the data you wish to store including DTCs, CAN, and CCP.

Learn more about our embedded data logging tools here.


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