Intrepid On The Road: Visit Upcoming Events and Experience Our Tools in Person!

(March 31, 2014)

Intrepid Control Systems exhibits widely at conferences and trade shows around the world. Stop by any of our displays to find out about our new tools and latest software improvements!

Upcoming Events:
SAE World Congress
April 8-10 - Detroit, Michigan, USA
MOST Forum
May 13 - Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany
Automotive Testing Expo Europe
June 24-26 - Stuttgart, Germany

More events will be posted soon...

Intrepid Korea!

(September 23, 2013)

Intrepid Control Systems continues to expand its presence with the opening of a new office in Seoul, South Korea. Intrepid Control Systems Korea will provide direct customer support, training, sales and customized product development. In response to rapid growth in the region and in order to fully support customers such as GM Korea and Hyundai, the creation of a local office in Korea was essential.

The ICS Korea office is now open and will be managed by Jong Yoo (Jay) Chung. Mr. Chung previously was a software developer focused on remote vehicle data logging and Android development. Mr. Chung's efforts resulted in the successful launch of the Wireless neoVI website and the latest Android-based vehicle network adaptors, neoVI PLASMA and neoVI ION. Managing the Korea office is a significant promotion that will put developer-level power and a native Korean in direct contact with Intrepid's customers.

In addition, Mr. Chung has hired Mr. Kyung-il Park, formerly ICS Sales Engineer of CANsystem, to provide a familiar face to our existing customers. Mr. Park will assume the role of Senior Sales Engineer. CANsystem will remain a distributor of Intrepid's products, and will work closely with ICS Korea.

ICS Korea shall place customer satisfaction as our foremost priority and will strive to provide products that will allow ICS Korea to grow with our customers.

ICS Korea Location & Contact Information...



Hand Held Flashing

If you need to intelligently flash or download software to multiple vehicles or multiple ECUs inside those vehicles, the neoVI FIRE, neoVI RED is the product for you.

Store multiple flash files on a 2GB card and write a script that will intelligently flash the correct file into the correct vehicle and ECU with no user interaction.


FlexRay EVB

Learn and Experiment with FlexRay

FlexRay is the future replacement for CAN in many vehicle network architectures. This means that FlexRay knowledge will soon be required for your occupation.  Unfortunately, the FlexRay learning curve is long and to be ready, you should begin learning now. An understanding of FlexRay will both prepare you for your future, as well as give you more marketable skills.

Intrepid introduces the lowest cost FlexRay system on the market. Our FlexRay EVB features a unique design that allows a full FlexRay network and monitoring tool on one low cost board.



Embedded Data Logger

If you need to collect information about the customer usage of your vehicle, or debug an intermittent issue during testing, the neoVI FIRE and neoVI RED products can record 2GB of data at a time. The Vehicle Spy 3 scripting environment will allow you to store any data you select including DTCs, CAN, and CCP. With a sleep mode current of 8ma, there is no need to worry about user interaction in powering down the unit. Ask about our testing services and lease options.



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