Intrepid Becomes an AUTOSAR Development Partner
(July 17, 2014)

Madison Heights, Michigan, USA:
Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce it has become an Automotive Open Systems Architecture (AUTOSAR) Development Partner.  Other members of AUTOSAR include General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Chrysler, PSA, Toyota, Bosch, Siemens and Continental among many others.

Upon Intrepid’s acceptance as an AUTOSAR partner, Colt Correa, Vice President of Business Development, said," Joining with AUTOSAR is an exciting step for Intrepid as we move our tools into the realm of automotive Ethernet.  Our goal with this new partnership is to offer AUTOSAR reference designs in the form of evaluation boards and open source AUTOSAR stacks advancing both AUTOSAR and automotive Ethernet in the industry.  Whether our customers are in the USA, Asia, Europe or beyond, this partnership will provide even more value to our customers and our partners in the Automotive Engineering Tools Alliance."

AUTOSAR’s purpose is the establishment of an open standard for automotive electronics architecture that will serve as a basic infrastructure for the management of functions within applications embedded in vehicles.  The aim is to achieve modularity, scalability, transferability, and re-usability.

AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)
AUTOSAR ( is a network of major automobile manufacturers, suppliers software houses, tool manufacturers and semiconductor companies with the goal of establishing a common software infrastructure standard for vehicle electronics. Standard functional interfaces are intended to guarantee that in-vehicle software is hardware independent. Basic software modules are standardized, such that interoperability, reuse and exchangeability are supported. Suppliers - including software houses - can offer their products to a broader market and in turn an integrator can use software of multiple suppliers. This implies a more competitive environment and thus cost reductions. In addition, through unbundling software from hardware a more efficient usage of hardware resources is possible. Read more...

Intrepid On The Road: Visit Upcoming Events and Experience Our Tools in Person!
(June 25, 2014)

Intrepid Control Systems exhibits widely at conferences and trade shows around the world. Stop by any of our displays to find out about our new tools and latest software improvements!

Upcoming Events:
Testing Show Brazil
August 20-21 São Paulo, Brazil
SAE OBD Symposium
September 9-11 - Anaheim, CA, USA

More events will be posted soon...



Hand Held Flashing

If you need to intelligently flash or download software to multiple vehicles or multiple ECUs inside those vehicles, the neoVI FIRE, neoVI RED is the product for you.

Store multiple flash files on a 2GB card and write a script that will intelligently flash the correct file into the correct vehicle and ECU with no user interaction.


FlexRay EVB

Learn and Experiment with FlexRay

FlexRay is the future replacement for CAN in many vehicle network architectures. This means that FlexRay knowledge will soon be required for your occupation.  Unfortunately, the FlexRay learning curve is long and to be ready, you should begin learning now. An understanding of FlexRay will both prepare you for your future, as well as give you more marketable skills.

Intrepid introduces the lowest cost FlexRay system on the market. Our FlexRay EVB features a unique design that allows a full FlexRay network and monitoring tool on one low cost board.



Embedded Data Logger

If you need to collect information about the customer usage of your vehicle, or debug an intermittent issue during testing, the neoVI FIRE and neoVI RED products can record 2GB of data at a time. The Vehicle Spy 3 scripting environment will allow you to store any data you select including DTCs, CAN, and CCP. With a sleep mode current of 8ma, there is no need to worry about user interaction in powering down the unit. Ask about our testing services and lease options.



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