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Mobile Technology Meets Automotive TestingneoVI PLASMA

Remote Data Logging and Fleet Management Solution

Remote, Stand-Alone Data Logging of Diagnostics, CCP/XCP and Normal-Mode Messages
The neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION marries the best of vehicle network tools with the Android embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability.


  • Stand alone data logger
  • Remote data logger with auto-download via WIFI, 3G or Ethernet
  • Heads-up display for test vehicles
  • In-vehicle data acquisition system
  • Captive test fleet data collection
  • Fleet management

By leveraging the Android operating system, you get all the features of today’s smart phones plus the power of the neoVI. For instance, neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION can capture and synchronize multiple data streams such as Normal-Mode messages (CAN, LIN, K-Line, MOST, FlexRay and more), Diagnostic messages (GMLAN, UDS/ISO 14229, J1939, OBD, and more), and Calibration sessions (CCP/XCP) simultaneously. neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION can also handle diagnostic requests, address claiming, network management and more.

neoVI PLASMA Intro VideoThe Power of Scripting – Core Mini
There are few, if any, data loggers that can log so many types of data. Even fewer can log them all simultaneously. The neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION does this by using Core Mini – a proprietary executable that runs within the PLASMA’s (or ION's) VNET Module (network adapter card). The script runs independently of the Android OS, and it’s highly flexible to allow for making requests, initiating network management and calibration sessions, and more. The best thing is you don’t have to learn how to write the scripts!

VehicleScape DAQ – Writes the scripts for you!
The scripts are auto-generated from our Vehicle Spy software, using VehicleScape DAQ. VehicleScape DAQ provides an easy interface to load in your proprietary message databases, diagnostic databases, and CCP/XCP A2L files. Once loaded, it’s as simple as searching for your signal names, PIDs/DIDs/LIDs, and measurements. Then simply click on the Stand-Alone Logging tab and configure your logging script. Set up pre-and post-triggers, sleep modes, multiple triggers and more. VehicleScape is very versatile and works for most every situation. However, for those few times you may need something unique, a Function Block script is accessible for your custom modifications.

neoVI Plasma & neoVI ION are Part of Intrepid's Total Solution for Data Logging

Total Soultion for Data Logging and Fleet Management

Total Soultion for Data Logging and Fleet Management

Total Soultion for Data Logging and Fleet Management

neoVI PLASMA and neoVI ION are part of Intrepid’s advanced wireless in-vehicle data acquisition system. This system consists of neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION data loggers installed in each vehicle of the fleet, internet server with Wireless neoVI software, and PC client terminals outfitted with post analysis software such as Vehicle Spy.

neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION connects to the vehicle bus or analog sensors and collects data in real-time. It transmits data to the server wirelessly via 3G, WIFI, or GPRS. neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION can send data to the server automatically, at scheduled times, based on data analysis results, or on user command sent with Wireless neoVI software.

Vehicle data collected by neoVI PLASMA/neoVI ION is encrypted and compressed to ensure security and minimize storage size. Data can be transmitted wirelessly to the server or stored locally on SD cards. Data sent to the server is the decrypted and uncompressed on the server. Users monitor data, track and control loggers, download data, and much more with Wireless neoVI. Vehicle Spy software is available for post analysis, enabling users to turn their collected data into useful information.

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