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Sensor Spy on EVOIntrepid Control Systems presents Sensor Spy for Android. Sensor Spy is a graphical display and control environment for sensors on Android- based mobile devices.

Free and full versions available now via the Android Market app on your mobile device. Search for Sensor Spy.


  • Display internal sensors, including Accelerometer and GPS
  • Display external sensors using wireless
  • Send sensor data to external devices
  • Activate phone actions such as SMS, Voice Recognition, Text to Speech, and Audio in response to sensor activity
  • Build panels to display sensor values using touch
  • Display data in plots, meters, LEDs, text display, and bar graphs
  • Control data using sliders and buttons
  • Log data to spreadsheet CSV files
  • Log data to Google Earth files
  • Save configurations to SD card
  • German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese versions available


Connect Outside Your Device

Sensor Spy List View


Sensor Spy supports the ability to bring in sensor values from external devices - including devices you design yourself.

An open and simple protocol was designed to share the data over Bluetooth, WIFI, or 3G.

You can even broadcast your sensors to other devices.






Build Custom Panels

Sensor Spy allows you to build panels to display your sensors. You choose the display element and its position based on relative splitters. The result is a screen that displays and controls your sensors, allowing you to view them in any orientation.

Sensor Spy Panel Setup

Sensor Spy Panel

In Sensor Spy, you can create many panels to completely customize how you view your data.


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