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Microchip Controller Area Network (CAN) Bit Timing Calculator

Compatible with MCP2510, MCP2515, and PIC18F with both legacy and ECAN can controllers.

The first step is to tell the software your oscillator frequency and target Controller Area Network (CAN) baud rate. Then the software will determine the potential Baud Rate Prescaler (BRP) and number of time quanta (Tq) required.

The next step is to adjust the various parameters of the bit timing. These include propagation delay, phase 1 segment width, phase 2 segment width, and synchronization jump width. The actual bit timing is displayed graphically.

The calculator will check your setup versus different rules for the various timing. When your setup checks out, you can generate a setup report.

The setup report includes your complete setup. This includes the bit-timing, a graph of bit timing, and the values for the CNF1, CNF2, and CNF3 registers for you to copy in your source code.

This tool is free as long as you agree not to distribute it to others. This means they have to come to our website to download it

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