Vehicle Spy Training Videos

What's New in Vehicle Spy 3 Rev600 Size: 93 MB. Time: 5:30.
This video describes some of the new features that exist only in Vehicle Spy v600 software. Play or Download (VSpy3 v600 New Features)
What's New in Vehicle Spy 3 Rev414 Size: 12 MB. Time: 3:45.
This video describes some of the new features that exist only in Vehicle Spy v414 software. Play or Download (VSpy3 v414 New Features)
What's New in Vehicle Spy 3 Rev400 Size: 3.77 MB. Time: 3:34.
This video describes some of the new features that exist only in the Rev400 level software. Play or Download (What's New)
Getting Started with CAN: (Updated July 2014)
In this video, we cover the first steps in setting up hardware baud rates and some basic features of Vehicle Spy 3 using CAN. Click to Play video 105.2 MB (or play Low-Res version 95.2MB)
Logon Screen: (Updated July 2014)
In this video, we cover the Logon screen and how to navigate through Vehicle Spy. Click to Play video 11.8MB (or play Low-Res version 10.5MB)
Architecture & Docking: (Updated July 2014)
This video is a basic overview of the architecture of Vehicle Spy and how to use docking windows.
Click to Play video 14.7MB (or play Low-Res version 12.8MB)
Messages View: Size: 14.60 MB. Time: 16:58.
The Messages View is the most commonly used view within Vehicle Spy. This Video covers the basic details of viewing vehicle network traffic as well as decoding signals and saving data to your hard drive.
Play or Download (Messages View)
Databases: Size: 5.03 MB. Time: 7:09.
Vehicle Spy supports many types of databases that describe vehicle networks. This video describes how to configure Vehicle Spy with your database files (DBC, UEF, etc).
Play or Download (Databases)
Signals View: Size: 28.67 MB. Time: 4:53.
The Signals View feature in Vehicle Spy, enables you to view decoded vehicle network data in real-time. This is one of the most commonly used features in Vehicle Spy.
Play or Download (Signals View )
Decoding Signals:  Size: 4.11 MB. Time: 6:36.
If you are not working with vehicle network databases, or if you need to correct database information, this video will show you how to decode raw vehicle network data.
Play or Download (Decoding Signals)
Transmitting Messages:   Size: 4.28 MB. Time: 6:35.
Transmitting messages is often useful for debugging and simulating vehicle networks. This video covers the basics of how to transmit messages.
Play or Download (Transmitting Messages )
Post Analysis:   Size: 7.25. Time: 9:44.
The post analysis functionality in Vehicle Spy will allow you to review pre-recorded data files and plot signals verses time. Also histograms and X/Y plots are supported.
Play or Download (Post Analysis)
Reverse Engineering:   Size: 9.98 MB. Time: 15:02.
If you do not have a database file from the maker of a vehicle or network designer, this video will help you to reverse engineer the content of messages on a network.
Play or Download (Reverse Engineering)
Java Introduction:   Size: 7.2 MB. Time: 7:41.
Java is a powerful programming language. This video covers the basics of how to leverage Java's power within VSPY.
Play or Download (Java Introduction)
Memory Edit Process Overview (CCP/XCP):   Size: 22.3 MB. Time: 21:00.
This video is an overview of how to implement an ECU driver for XCP using the Intrepid C-Code XCP driver, A2L (ASAP2) Editor, and Vehicle Spy. If you are new to XCP or CCP and want to get an overview of the process involved in creating an ECU with XCP or CCP support, this video is for you.
Play or Download (Memory Edit Process Overview (CCP/XCP))
Memory Edit Functionality (CCP/XCP):   Size: 16.3 MB. Time: 17:05.
This video explains the features in Vehicle Spy 3 that allow you to measure and edit internal memory of an ECU over CCP or XCP.
Play or Download (Memory Edit Functionality (CCP/XCP))
A2L Creator Basics :   Size: 18.284 MB. Time: 18:57.
This video explains how to create a simple A2L (ASAP2) file from an embedded compilerís output (IEEE695 or ELF).
Play or Download (A2L Creator Basics)
A2L Creator Advanced:   Size: 15.902 MB. Time: 16:20.
This video explains how to create more complex ASAP2 characteristics using the Intrepid A2L Creator. Example of more complex characteristics include CURVES and MAPS. In this video we also cover VERB_TAB and RECORD_LAYOUT properties of these items.
Play or Download (A2L Creator Advanced)
DataLogger Basics:   Size: 35.531 MB. Time: 21:20.
This video explains how to setup the neoVI-Fire and neoVI-Red for stand alone datalogging including logging with CCP.
Play or Download (DataLogger Basics)
Parking Lot Reflashing:   Size: 1.724 MB. Time: 3:05.
This video explains how the neoVI-Red or neoVI-Fire can be used for smart parking lot flashing (hand held software download tool).
Play or Download (Data Files and Saving Data)
Data Files and Saving Data:   Size: 17.4 MB. Time: 16:06.
This video explains the different ways to stream network data to disk and save files with decoded signal values.
Play or Download (Data Files and Saving Data)
ISO15765-2 Messages:   Size: 6.208 MB. Time: 5:45.
This video explains how to send and receive ISO15765-2 messages.
Play or Download (ISO15765-2 Messages)
LIN Monitoring, Master / Slave Simulation:   Size: 18.5 MB. Time: 17:50.
This video explains how to use Vehicle Spy with the neoVI-Fire and neoVI-Red hardware for LIN Monitoring, Master and Slave simulation. This video also covers the use of LIN LDF databases.
Play or Download (LIN Training Video)
Graphical Panels:   Size: 13.4 MB. Time: 13:25.
This video explains how to create and use Graphical Panels in Vehicle Spy to build custom screens. Simulation features including changing and transmitting messages are covered.
Play or Download (Graphical Panels)
Simulator:   Size: 7.6 MB. Time: 8:04.
This video covers how to use the ECU Simulator or Simulator in Vehicle Spy. It covers Restbussimulation functionality that is provided from information contained in a CAN database file.
Play or Download (Simulator)

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