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RAD-Star 2

Active Tap with Error Capture & Dual Gateway for Automotive Ethernet

Monitor and Interact with Automotive Ethernet Networks

Intrepid’s RAD-Star 2 is a multi-purpose, dual Ethernet gateway for Automotive Ethernet applications.  Using the RAD-Star 2, you can monitor both sides of a 100BASE-T1 BroadR-Reach®) connection or connect your laptop to 100BASE-T1 BroadR-Reach®) networks as a physical layer gateway.  As a gateway to standard 8 wire Gigabit Ethernet, RAD-Star 2 makes any existing standard Ethernet device, laptop, or data logger compatible with 100BASE-T1 BroadR-Reach®).


  • Silently monitor the full duplex connection between a BroadR slave and BroadR master
  • Capture all Ethernet Network Errors normally discarded by standard Ethernet MAC hardware
  • Timestamp all Ethernet and CAN FD traffic at sub microsecond resolution for testing gateways
  • Transmit host Ethernet frames to either master or slave device for in system ECU flashing or diagnostics
  • Media converter that timestamps both CAN FD and Ethernet simultaneously
  • Flexible design: FPGA based design allows updated Ethernet MAC designs for future Ethernet TSN standards
  • Standalone mode for creating own Ethernet/CAN FD gateways using a real time scripting language

Active Tap with Transmit Capability

To monitor the full duplex 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach®) Ethernet physical layer, you need to insert an active gateway. This specialized gateway passes all traffic between the 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach®) devices at nearly zero latency and also makes two copies for the connected 10/100 Mb Ethernet tool – also at wire speeds. Errors are also recorded and passed to the host tool.

The RAD-Star 2 acts as a gateway between your laptop or other standard Ethernet device and the physical layer of your target ECU. It translates 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach®) traffic in the vehicle to standard Ethernet traffic you can view and analyze on your computer using Intrepid’s Vehicle Spy software.


  • Tap copies full duplex communications between master and slave with low latency.
  • Can serve as a 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach®) to 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet bridge.

RAD-Star 2 has three Ethernet ports. Two Ethernet ports are BroadR-Reach® and are connected to a Nano MQS connector. The third Ethernet port is Gigabit Ethernet and is connected to a RJ45 connector.  RAD-Star 2 also contains an isolated USB 2.0 device port. Either of the Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports can be used to communicate with Vehicle Spy software on the PC. RAD-Star 2 has a custom switch mode in which it implements a forwarding table to intelligently transfer the Ethernet frames between PC and the connected devices without mentioning the BroadR network in Vehicle Spy.