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Compare Vehicle Spy Versions

There are two tables below that provide information on the various features available in Vehicle Spy, and how they vary among the three versions of the software.

The first table provides a general comparison of the Vehicle Spy Enterprise, Professional, Basic, and Trial versions. The second goes into more detail on specific features in Vehicle Spy Enterprise, Professional, and Basic.

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Quick Comparison

FeaturesVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProfessionalVehicle Spy BasicVehicle Spy Trial
Automotive Ethernet SupportYes------
MOST SupportYes------
FlexRay SupportYes------
Video TrackingYes------
Snapshot DiagnosticsYesYesYes--
Multiple Hardware SupportYesYesYes--
Message MonitorYesYesYesYes (2 Messages)
Realtime Signal Plotting/GraphicsYesYesYesYes (5 Signals)
Logging/Capture Data FilesYesYesYesLimited
Post AnalysisYesYesYesYes
SupportPrimary Priority
Phone, Email, and Web
Primary Priority
Phone, Email, and Web
Secondary Priority
Phone, Email, and Web
Online Videos
TrainingIncluded / On-Site (When Possible)
+ Online Videos
Included / On-Site (When Possible)
+ Online Videos
Online VideosOnline Videos
CAN Message MonitoringYesYesYesYes
LIN Message MonitoringYesYesYes--
CAN Message Transmit (Tx Panel)YesYesYes--
CAN Message Generator (Tx Panel)YesYesYes--
neoVI FIRE/RED Embedded Data LoggingYesYesYes--
ISO15765-2 Long Message Tx/RxYesYesYes--
J1939 BAM Long Message Tx / RxYesYesYes--
CAN Bus SimulationYesYes----
LIN Master Node SimulationYesYes----
LIN Slave Node SimulationYesYes----
Function Blocks (Playback)YesYesYes (1 Only)--
Function Blocks (Capture)YesYesYes (1 Only)--
Function Blocks (Script)YesYes----
CCP/XCP CalibrationYesYes----
ASAP2 Editor / GeneratorYesYes----
Diagnostic ToolsYesYes----
Intrepid Analog InputYesYes----
ECU FlashYesYes----
Graphical PanelsYesYes----
Application Signal VariablesYesYes----
Configurable DiagnosticsYesYes----
J1939 DTC Monitor / SimulatorYesYes----
J1939 Address Claim ViewYesYes----
GMLAN Virtual Networks ViewYesYes----
Software Upgrades12 months included12 months included12 months included--
API for Remote ControlYesYes----

Detailed Comparison

General FeaturesVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProfessionalVehicle Spy Basic
CAN ChannelsMultipleMultipleMultiple
LIN ChannelsMultipleMultipleMultiple
MOST ChannelsMultiple----
FlexRay ChannelsMultiple----
DBC DatabasesMultipleMultipleMultiple
LDF DatabasesMultipleMultipleMultiple
FIBEX DatabasesMultipleMultipleMultiple
Interactive Messages EditorYesYesYes
LIN File Editor (LDF)YesYesYes
LIN ScheduleYesYes--
LIN Network (Message View)YesYesYes
ISO9141YesYesMonitor Only
KWP over CANYesYesMonitor Only
J1939 TransportYesYesYes
J1939 CTS/RTSYesYes--
RP1210 (for all Intrepid Hardware)YesYesYes
J2534 (for all Intrepid Hardware)YesYesYes
Customer Unique Protocols (upon request)YesYesYes
Analysis and SimulationVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProfessionalVehicle Spy Basic
Measurement Setup (signal groups)YesYesYes
Measurement Setup Import/ExportYesYesYes
Messages ViewYesYesYes
Networks ViewYesYesYes
Data Analysis (Histogram, Bus Timing)YesYesYes
Capture Function BlocksYesYesYes (1 Maximum)
Data LoggingYesYesYes
Signals View / Data AnalysisYesYesYes
Transmit Messages / SignalsYesYesYes
ECU Simulation (CAN, LIN, K-Line)YesYes--
Network FiltersYesYesYes
ReplayYesYesYes (1 Maximum)
Offline ModeYesYesYes
Data Export (*.DAT, *.MAT, *.CSV, *.MDF)YesYesYes
ProgrammingVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Function Blocks / C-Code InterfaceYesYes--
Function Blocks / C-Code ExecutionYesYes--
Function Blocks / C-Code DebuggingYesYes--
Non-Text Scripting (Function Blocks)YesYes--
Transmitting, Graphical Panels, Control PanelsVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Transmit PanelYesYesYes
Graphical Panel CreationYesYes--
Graphical Panel ExecutionYesYes--
Control Panel CreationYesYes--
Control Panel ExecutionYesYes--
Flash Panel ElementsYesYes--
Simulation and ModelingVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Application Signal DefinitionYesYes--
Application Signal AccessYesYes--
ECU SimulationYesYes--
TestVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Function Block TestsYesYes--
Function Block / Diagnostic Test ExecutionYesYes--
Diagnostics Vehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Diagnostic Jobs / SnapshotYesYes--
Function Block Diagnostics / C-Code DiagnosticsYesYes--
KWP over CAN, GMLANYesYes--
UDS / ISO14229Yes (Diag Jobs or Rx/Tx)Yes (Diag Jobs or Rx/Tx)Yes (Using Rx/Tx Msgs)
J1939 DiagnosticsYesYes--
1 Click DiagnosticsVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Snapshot (Vehicle Diagnostics)YesYes--
Snapshot Automatic DAQ MeasurementYesYes--
ExtensionsVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
Measurement HardwareYesYesyes
Text APIYesYes--
Text API (MATLAB)YesYes--
GPS SupportYes (extra cost)Yes (extra cost)Yes (extra cost)
CalibrationVehicle Spy EnterpriseVehicle Spy ProVehicle Spy Basic
A2L (ASAP2) Editor / CreatorYesYes--
A2L Measurement SupportYesYes--
A2L Value SupportYesYes--
A2L Curve SupportYesYes--
A2L Map SupportYesYes--
Standalone Logger SupportYes (with neoVI device)Yes (with neoVI device)--
Event DAQingYesYes--
Polling DAQingYesYes--
Calibration Download / UploadYesYes--
CAL / SW FlashingRequestRequest--
Scripting Support of CCP / XCPYesYes--
Graphical Panel with CCP / XCP and CAN TransmitYesYes--
Simulink Model Browser (CCP / XCP)RequestRequest--

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